Mini Oil Press Machinery

Product Description

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We are manufacturers and exporter of various Mini Oil Press Machinery like Oil Filter Press Machine, Oil Expeller, Baby Boiler, Round and Long Cooking Kettle, Groundnut Decorticator, Neutralizer, Copra Cutter, Sun Flower Cracker, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, and various Oil Mill Spare Part and Accessories.

We have gained great success in India as well as in the global market by manufacturing oil mill machinery with high quality and material. We have manufactured multipurpose mini oil press machinery which can extract oil from different edible seeds like peanuts, Coconut, Sesame, Soybean, macadamia nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, vegetable seeds flaxseed etc. and filter them to produce 100% natural and purified oil.

Mini Oil Mill Machinery Product

Mini Oil Press Machine / Mini Oil Expeller : It is the heart of the complete mini oil mill plant. It is the main machine to press oil seeds and manufacture best quality natural cooking oil and cake.

Oil Filter Press Machine: After producing oil, to filter it, oil filter press machines are used. In this oil filter, solid particles are held and naturally refined oil is collected from outlet of filter press machine.

Baby Boiler: Heating of the oil seeds is an essential procedure in oil press process. We produce latest technology based boilers in various sizes and capacities.

Groundnut Decorticator:Decorticating means removing the husks of the seeds and they are also recognized as shell removers or skin separators. Groundnut Decorticators are an essential component of the oil mill plant to break the exterior shell of the groundnuts.

Bucket Elevator: Bucket elevators are the essential part of automatic oil mill plant as they are using in material handling process especially where feeding at height throughout the oil producing process.

Screw Conveyor: Screw Conveyor is one of the material handling tools which provides simple, fast, and managed transfer of materials by the process line in industries.