Baby Boiler

Product Description

Single Product

We are one of the leading manufacturer and seller of Baby Boiler that are highly effective and power conservation. Our Baby boilers are lacking less support, and knowledge to install, compile and work. The boiler gives steam to the cooking pot and husks or any other agricultural garbage or wood can be utilized as fuel in the boiler. Water feed pump is attached to the boiler and the boiler is not needed in the extracting of cotton seeds, copra, and mustard seeds. Our modified Baby boiler is vertical type three piece boiler manufactured with high quality examined element with the compact form, strong and hardy production to produce steam promptly and economically.

We are also manufacturer Electric Baby boiler where Some sensitive area like city where boiler is prohibited (for some seeds).

Product Features

Our Baby Boiler has the strong and sturdy structure to produce steam fast and economically

High steam generation rates in the boiler.

Low running expenses and lower maintenance of boiler.

Boilers are available in differet size according to the oil mill plant requirements .

Our baby boiler is perfect for mini oil extraction plants, rice mills, or food storage industries

Basic Requirements

  • SHED : About 300 sq. ft. 20′ X 20′ (6 mtr. X 6 mtr.)
  • MANPOWER : Only two persons, one skilled and other unskilled.
  • CAPITAL : As per proforma invoice + working capital.
Product Specification:
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Type of Boiler Fire Type Boiler, Water Tube Boiler
Fuel Briquettes, Coal, Agricultural waste, Woods etc.
Capacity Depends on Oil Mill Expeller