Welcome to Om Engineering Works - Mini Oil Mill Plant Manufacturer

OM Engineering Works is one of the leading Mini Oil Mill Plants manufacturers and sellers of Gujarat, India. It is recognized for high quality and reasonable Oil Extraction Plants and Edible Oil Mill Plants. OM brand's Mini Oil Mill Plant works for various types of seeds like Groundnut, Sunflower, Mustard, sesame, Cottonseeds, Coconut, Soybean, Rapeseeds, Corn seeds, Jatropha, etc. to extract edible oil from them.

The main purpose of Mini Oil Mill Plants is to extract oil from various oil seeds as mentioned above. The business of oil extraction plants has a great scope and government support too. Government offers special subsidies and loans for this business.

Our wide range of Automatic Oil Mill Plant Machinery products include:

  • Mini Oil Expeller
  • Baby Boiler
  • Oil Filter Press
  • Groundnut Decorticator
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Coconut Cutter
  • Screw Conveyor and
  • All Oil Mill Parts and Accessories.

We have also various Mini Oil Expeller Press models including Mini Oil Expeller 18 X 3.5, Mini Oil Expeller 22 X 4, Mini Oil Expeller 24 X 4, Mini Oil Expeller 24 X 4.5, Mini Oil Expeller 27 X 4.5, Mini Oil Expeller 27 X 5, Mini Oil Expeller 30 X 5.5 and many more.

As per your requirements and budget, we provide you oil mill plants with 3 Ton, 6 Ton, 7.5 Ton, 10 Ton, etc. capacities for any edible oil seeds. We also manufacture a fully automatic oil mill plant to work independently and replace human requirements.

Picking the Right Mini Oil Mill Plant Manufacturer for You

Every business is important and any investment is always valuable. And for the same purpose, it’s compulsory to choose the best oil extraction plant manufacturing company that understands your requirements and is fully equipped to produce customized edible oil mill plant. Not only that, but you must choose a company that can produce high-quality custom product solutions without concerning about your budget.

At Om Engineering Works, we try our best to fulfill all your necessities and provide you the best products. After you’ve done that, compare and contrast your conversations. Our expert team can work with your budget and provide solutions to you on time. We are manufacturing Mini Oil Milling Plant to the safety and high-quality standards you need.

We assure you about the product quality and our support and services to you for any products.