How Much Does It Cost to Set up an Oil Mill in India?

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Cost of Setting up an Oil Mill in India

For starting a groundnut oil mill plant setup cost can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the size and scale of the operation, the location, the type of equipment and machinery used, and more.A small-scale groundnut oil production plant may cost anywhere between 7,00,000₹ and 25,00,0000₹, while a large-scale operation can cost crores or more.

It's important to note that in addition to the initial investment, there are ongoing operating costs, such as labor, utilities, maintenance, and supplies, which must be taken into account when determining the overall cost of starting a groundnut oil plant.Customized Edible Oil Milling Solutions for Every Budget: Get Your Free Business Plan Today!

At OM Engineering works, we offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for both small-scale oil extraction workshops and large-scale oil production factories. Our team will work closely with you to create a tailored plan based on your specific requirements, investment budget, and other factors.

When it comes to starting a small-scale edible oil plant, many factors must be considered in determining the cost. To get a personalized business plan and an accurate estimate of investment cost, don't hesitate to send us an inquiry today. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Peanuts contain 40-45% oil in their kernels, which is widely used as an edible oil globally due to its nutritious content and lack of cholesterol issues. This makes it a favored ingredient for cooking.In addition to cooking, groundnut oil plays a crucial role in the bakery and confectionery industries. It serves as a substitute for oils such as olive oil, and is utilized in various products including soaps, salad dressings, mayonnaise, margarine and other cooking oils.

Estimate cost of setting up a small oil mill plant?

When determining the total cost of operating an oil mill plant, there are several factors to take into account in running an oil extraction plant business.

  • Area/Land cost: Area cost refers to the cost associated with a specific location or region. This can include things like land costs, labor costs, and the cost of utilities and other resources. When setting up an oil mill plant, one of the most important considerations is the cost of the area or land where the plant will be located. This cost will depend on factors such as the prices of local real estate, labor rates, and the cost of utilities. All of these factors will impact how much it will cost to operate the business in general.
  • Cost of oil mill machinery: To extract peanut oil from groundnut seeds and nuts, you will need certain machinery in the oil mill plant. The specific machinery required will depend on the stage of the manufacturing process.

Which machineries used in oil mill plant to start small scale oil mill?

  • Seed Cleaner machine : A seed cleaner machine is a device used in the agricultural industry to separate seeds from impurities such as chaff, straw, dirt, and other unwanted materials. This process is crucial for ensuring that the seeds used for planting are pure, healthy, and of high quality. Seed cleaning machines use a combination of physical and mechanical processes to separate the seeds from the impurities. This includes processes such as winnowing, sifting, aspirating, and gravitation. Seed cleaner machines can vary in size, capacity, and design, but their primary function remains the same. The use of seed cleaning machines not only improves the quality of seeds but also increases the efficiency of the planting process, leading to better crop yields and improved profitability for farmers.
  • Cooking machine : A cooker is a crucial piece of equipment for heating peanuts to a specific temperature. Heating seeds and nuts, like peanuts, rapeseed, sesame and sunflower seeds, can maximize oil yield. Some cookers are powered by steam while others have electric boilers as an alternative for convenience.
  • Oil Expeller Machine : Screw oil expellers are commonly used by many oil mills as the primary oil extraction equipment. Over time, the oil press has undergone significant performance upgrades. It extracts oil from raw materials through mechanical pressing to ensure that no additives are present in the crude oil
  • Oil Filter Press : After the oil is extracted from seeds and nuts, it must undergo a refining process. This also applies to filters. Large industries use edible oil refinery plants, but for small-scale operations, an oil filter presses machine is sufficient. Additional expenses may arise from substances that enhance oil quality further.
  • Groundnut Decorticator Machine : A Groundnut decorticator machine is a piece of equipment used in the oil milling industry to separate the shell from the kernels of groundnuts. This machine is essential for the oil extraction process as it helps to increase the overall yield of oil by removing the hard outer shell and exposing the oil-rich kernels. The type and size of the decorticator machine will depend on the scale of the operation and the specific needs of the business. The cost of a groundnut decorticator machine can vary greatly depending on the capacity and specifications.

Manpower cost to run oil mill plant : The manpower cost to run an oil mill plant will vary depending on several factors, including

  • Number of employees: The cost will increase with the number of employees required to run the plant.
  • Skill level: Skilled workers will typically command higher salaries compared to unskilled laborers.
  • Location: Labor costs can vary greatly depending on the location of the oil mill plant, with wages being higher in some areas compared to others.
  • Working hours: The number of working hours will impact the cost, with full-time workers typically costing more than part-time workers.
  • Benefits: The cost of providing benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans can also impact the overall manpower cost.
  • It is recommended to carefully consider the labor needs of the oil mill plant and budget accordingly to ensure that the business has the necessary manpower to operate effectively.

If you require information on cost of an oil production plant, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will get in touch with you to provide professional guidance and machinery to your specifications.

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