Groundnut Oil Expeller Machine by OM Engineering Works - the ultimate solution for pure and convenient oil extraction

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Looking for a reliable and effective way to extract high-grade groundnut oil? Look no further than groundnut oil expeller machines manufactured by OM Engineering Works! As a foremost manufacturer and exporter situated in Rajkot, India, we specialize in supplying high-quality groundnut oil expeller machines and extraction machinery to customers across the globe.

What is a Groundnut Oil Expeller Machine?

A groundnut oil expeller machine is a contraption employed for withdrawing oil from peanuts. The machine utilizes mechanical pressure to extract oil from the peanuts that are put inside the machine. The oil is extracted by pushing the peanuts through a series of screws that compresses and crushes the peanuts until the oil is extracted. The resulting oil is of outstanding quality and can be utilized for various purposes.

Why Choose Our Groundnut Oil Expeller Machines?

Our groundnut oil expeller machines are constructed to last and are composed of superior-quality materials. We take pride in our handiwork and ensure that each machine we fabricate complies with our high standards. Our machines are designed for maximum effectiveness and can extract a huge quantity of oil from peanuts in a short duration of time. We also offer a wide range of customization options to facilities to the specific needs of our customers.

    Advantages of Groundnut Oil Expeller Machines

    Groundnut oil expeller machines proffer numerous advantages over traditional oil extraction methods. For one, they are vastly more efficient and can extract a larger amount of oil from peanuts. They are also substantially safer to utilize and require less manual labor, which can diminish the risk of injury.

    Another advantage of groundnut oil expeller machines is that they produce top-quality oil that can be employed for various purposes. Whether you aim to use the oil for cooking, cosmetics, or industrial purposes, our machines can assist you in extracting the oil you necessitate.

    Why Choose Our Groundnut Oil Extraction Machinery?

    Aside from our groundnut oil expeller machines, we also supply top-notch groundnut oil extraction machinery. Our extraction machinery is devised to be efficient and dependable and can help you extract the maximum amount of oil from your peanuts.

    Our machinery is facile to operate and maintain, and we provide extensive support to ensure that your machinery is functioning seamlessly. We also offer a vast range of customization options to cater to the specific needs of our customers.

    If you are seeking a reliable and efficient way to extract high-quality groundnut oil, then our groundnut oil expeller machines and extraction machinery are the perfect solutions. As OM Engineering Works is a leading manufacturer and exporter in India, we take pride in providing top-notch products to customers across the globe. So why wait? Contact us now to discover more about our groundnut oil expeller machines and extraction machinery, and start extracting high-grade oil from peanuts today!

    We have threee models in Groundnut Oil Expeller Machine :

    • Model 1): Oil expeller machine chamber size 24" x 4" crushing capacity 80~120kg/hr
    • Model 2): Oil expeller machine chamber size 27" x 5" crushing capacity 180~250kg/hr
    • Model 3):Oil expeller machine chamber size 30" x 5.5" crushing capacity 280~350kg/hr